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1 January 2014 New Year's Day Anti-Football Run
27 April - 1 May 2014 The California Mille: Our biggest event of the year
1 January 2014 - ANNUAL NEW YEAR’S DAY

Bring your interesting 25 year-old+ car.

Be sure to register by 1 December 2013 for your route notes and commemorative Anti-Football Run baseball cap!

Same great format:
8 am meet at Poggio in Sausalito;
9 am departure;
1 pm no-host lunch at Poggio.

Entry Deadline: 1 December 2013

All participants must register this year in order to receive route notes for the drive.

• See some of the 2014 cars

• Starting Off Right: 2014 Anti-Football Run by Bring a Trailer

• Anti-Football Drive to “Occupy” Back Roads on New Year’s Day in World’s Largest Old Car Protest Drive. Watching College Games on TV Called “Sinful” by Auto Chaplain... read Press Release

Previous Years:

• Sport Car Digest January 2012
• Press Release 11-22-2010
Marin Independant Journal 2010
San Francisco Chronicle 2010
(Don't miss the hilarious comments at the bottom of the article from Chronicle readers who read the Anti-Football story!)
MarinScope 2009
• Photos of the 2008 Event
• Read the 2007 Event Information

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27 April - 1 May 2014

This is our biggest event of the year – 1000 miles throughout Northern California over 4 days.

Entry Deadline: January 4th, 2014

Event is SOLD OUT for 2014

Previous Years:

2012 California Mille:
Vintage Iron Portraits: David Gentry is producing line art of the cars entered in the California Mille 2012.
Photos of the 2012 California Mille in Bodega Bay by Paige Gaines

2011 California Mille: For 2011, the California Mille will once again start in San Francisco, hosted by our long-time friends at the Fairmont Hotel. And we'll finish, on our fifth night at The Lodge in Sonoma. In between, we have some changes in store that we think you'll like. This is the first time we've tried a hub-and-spoke style route. We think you'll enjoy it.
Press Release: Ca Mille 2011

2010 California Mille: 20th California Mille. This is our biggest event of the year.1000 miles throughout Northern California over 4 days. Download the official Route Book: Day 1 RouteDay 2 RouteDay 3 RouteDay 4 Route

2009 California Mille: 19th California Mille. This is our biggest event of the year. 1000 miles throughout Northern California over 4 days, 26-30 April 2009. Our annual open display of California Mille cars and Palo Alto Concours classics on Sunday afternoon, 26 April. The $5,800 entry fee includes all meals and lodging (double occupancy) for 26 - 30 April 2009 for both driver and co-driver. Entry Deadline: 10 January 2009. Route Book - Part 1: General Information & Sponsors. Route Book - Part 2: Entries

2008 California Mille: Allowed Car Entires: When the first Mille Miglia revival was held in 1982, cars were only 25 years old. Now, they’re 51! So we’ve decided to allow a very few post ’57 cars each year, as long as they’re fundamentally the same design as a ‘57 or earlier predecessor. For example, this will make all 356’s and Alfa Guilia’s eligible for consideration. But it won’t help Jaguar XK-E’s – they’re so obviously a next-generation car. Last Night of the 2008 Mille: A surprise is in store on the last night of the 2008 Mille. On that day, May 1, 2008, a fine new lodge, in a spectacular location, is opening near Sausalito.  It’s Cavallopoint – the Lodge at the Golden Gate.

California Mille 2007: General Rally Information, incl. sponsors (pdf) Car & Entry List, including car photos (pdf) Route: Day 1, incl. maps and route notes (pdf) Route: Day 2, incl. maps and route notes (pdf) Route: Day 3, incl. maps and route notes (pdf) Route: Day 4, incl. maps and route notes (pdf) PR Release March 7, 2007

California Mille 2006: PR Release Oct 13, 2006

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California Mille 2014
April 27-May 1, 2014
Request for entry is now open...
• Event information
• Read what the press is saying about last year's California Mille

Anti-Football Drive 2014
January 1, 2014
• Event information
Press Release

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